The road less traveled.

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“I’m never lost, because I’m always someplace” – a Zen thing

That’s a bit how I feel about my drawing and painting these days. It’s like when you start on a bike ride with a plan and then there’s a detour. You reroute.

Then there’s a mechanical, you reroute.

And then it’s late and you have to get back. You reroute.

As cyclists when things go amiss, we adapt. Likewise when I’m drawing something I can’t ever be wrong, I just change the expectations. Go with the flow. And since I’m venturing into larger formats and more paintings things don’t always go as planned. Working on new ground is an opportunity to try new things.

This most recent painting is 48×30 inches and I call it “Road less Traveled”. I like the end result, kind of an homage to LeRoy Neiman, breaking out the pallet knife and all. But it’s not how it started. It started down a more familiar road, a place I’ve been. Not that it matters because since I’m a bike rider I’m okay with changing plans and going down new roads.



I’m sure I won’t make a habit of painting this way but who knows trying new things is part of the bigger picture of “Who am I, and what’s it all about?” — Topics for another day, or maybe just another painting.


This painting is available, just follow this link for details: ROAD LESS TRAVELED | ORIGINAL CYCLING ART





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