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Free eBook for you to download.

Now you can download my first thirty-two page Pen and Ink Cycling Art eBook filled with details of my pen and ink drawings and copy that will give you an idea about what makes me tick.



What I love about drawing with Pen & Ink is the simplicity of it. How I can’t make a mistake, either the drawing works, or I toss it out and start again. I just keep floating my pen around the page building up the image until I’m happy. This is how I work through the ideas I create in my large format digital drawings that become my cycling posters and art prints.



You can download the eBook for FREE just by signing up to join my mailing list that I like to call — my Peloton of Cycling Art. And when you do sign up you’ll get occasional emails from me with discounts and updates on new work. Along with my blog posts like this one.

So take a moment and download your FREE copy and let me know on FB what you think. I’m also planning on a larger format Hard Cover printed book with many more drawings and digital designs. If you think that might make a good gift idea, I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the eBook, thanks and ride safe.




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