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Every year a month or so before the start of the Tour de France, VELO magazine, a Competitor Group publication, creates and publishes their Tour de France Special issue. It’s filled with their top picks for the best riders and teams in the Tour de France along with all the routes they will be taking on the 21-day race around France.

This year I was asked by VELO art director Mike Reisel to create three images as the lead-in page to each of those three sections: Riders, Teams and Routes. I happily agreed.

As with all of my projects, design, illustration, logo and brand development or digital work, we started by looking at a series of rough sketches. Mike and I talked about what he liked and what worked best. He then shared them with his editor Neal Rogers you should follow Neal on Twitter here if you’re a cycling fan.

We landed on the three ideas and I went to work creating the final drawings. I’m very happy with the all of the results and extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me by both Mike Reisel and Neal Rogers at VELO. Let’s hope there’s more cycling in my future.

These photos were taken from the magazine and if you follow these links:


…you can see how I used two of the images as promotional posters you can purchase.

You can also follow me, Michael Valenti on Twitter. I’d love to know what you think of the work in VELO magazine.



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