Chasing The Peloton

The road less traveled.
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“I’m never lost, because I’m always someplace” – a Zen thing That’s a bit how I feel about my drawing and painting these days. … Read More

French Fried Cycling Artist
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French fried. That’s me. I’m French fried after four weeks in July at the Tour de France and then ten days in August on … Read More

My day on Alpe d’Huez
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Three giant sperm, a baby sumo wrestler and a large amount of assorted half naked, flag wrapped passionate cycling fans. Along with a dozen … Read More

Coming off the mountain.
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A view from the top. 21 Days of Cycling Art at the Tour de France was an idea I had a few years ago … Read More

USA Cycling National Championship Prints
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Working with USA Cycling Like many of you, I’ve been a member of USA Cycling for years. The Veloist Cycling Club has been too. … Read More

Tour de France | Déja vu
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21 Days of Cycling Art | 2018 Tour de France Here I go again! The Tour de France is just weeks away and I’m … Read More

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