Chasing The Peloton

Not invented here.
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“The Dutch invented that…” Did you know the Dutch invented the car. And according to Harm Job, of course the bicycle and pogo stick … Read More

The Birdman
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The early bird…. He gets up very early, gathers up Gracie, his dog that pees every time she sees me, grabs his binoculars and … Read More

Mostly True Stuff | HJ
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Harm Job We all have cycling mates, the ones that keep us going no matter the situation – well I have them too. And … Read More

Notes from the Giro d’Italia
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A trip of a lifetime As I sit here looking at hundreds of photographs I took in Italy it’s hard to find a place … Read More

Shut Up Legs Charity Ride
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I’m off to London to visit the “Jens” On Saturday September 7th, 2019 Jens Voigt will return for the seventh edition of the “Shut Up Legs … Read More

Supporting our cycling community.
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Sunny skies with temperatures in the forty’s had me smiling all the way from the airport to the headquarters of USA Cycling in Colorado … Read More

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